Hello! Olá! Hej! :) 

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I'm a talkative picture book illustrator and cute maker.
Made in Brazil, half Mato Grosso do Sul- half Rio de Janeiro, I've been around Europe for 6 years - Malmö, Berlin and now The Wonderful Copenhagen - living the dream!

My inspiration comes from children's books, cartoons, playful or childish things, people around me and the city life. 
Also everything about the 20's, 50's or 60's - everything!
And People: I like people watching and imagine whole stories about them - which makes me a big city fan.
Music is also always on my day. My playlists have Bossa Nova, MPB, Jazz, Blues, Folk/ Indie Rock and I’m always up to discover new beats. Spotify me.
Sometimes I also watch series while drawing- Family drama and detective-ish are my fav.

My creative process starts with some doodling around about an idea or inspiration with just pencil & paper. Then, I move to the magical Internet world in search for that “something else”, more bits of inspiration to complement my doodles ou make it more accurate, like a puzzle to create a new story in my mind. Sometimes I use ink pens, colour pencils or  watercolour. It all depends on how much time I have to play. Then I move to my Cintiq to play with Adobe Illustrator until looks cute and everybody is happy (including my imaginary Bunny Art Buddy who sometimes helps with inspiration or distractions)

I'm happy to share that I've been growing my lovely Clients list: 

Ballon Media, Usborne, Design House Greetings, Design Design Inc, Lake Press, Little Bee Books, Mafua Kids, Momazine, Oxford University Press, Papyrus, Pictura, P.I.Kids, RSVP, Creative Tops and Viabella.

Now, Let's create something amazing together! :)


EXTRA! BONUS: Random facts about me:
I’m a single child of a single awesome mom. I’m an independent and good partner in crime type of cat. I like problem solving and make plans. Also love not follow them- haha. I’m a morning-make breakfast kind of person. I’m an Optimist. but unkind people makes me sad. I love celebrate birthdays, xmas, everything! I dislike singing birds. Love raining days- it makes the city sparkles but I’m afraid of thunderstorms sounds. I love taking portraits pics but dislike drawing it. Love watch movies by their photography and/or dialogs. I’m shy but also very curious which helps join random conversations. I have no secrets - go ahead, Ask away! But I can keep yours. I love dancing - anything! not a fussy music person. I like junk food but also love fresh fruits. I like to bake cakes to slow down my anxiety but I’m not a big fan of eating them. I dislike insects/bugs. I’m not good in Biology. I have goldfish memory - need pics and notes for everything. I’ve changed my career path a few times to find my way here - No regrets! I used to read…A LOT. Now I.. draw. a lot more. I’m ENFP-T and Gemini with Capricorn as ascendant - whatever that really means. And yes, I miss Brazil - people, food, good memories. Oh and yes, that is me, very happy with the easter bunny in the 80”s.