hello and happy 2018!


Happy New Year! :) 

New Year, New site, New Blog, New cute dreams! :) 

Let's start with a quick Thanks to 2017 for bringing me to wonderful 2018. 

Thanks 2017 for surrounding myself with amazing supportive friends and fantastic agents that kept me busy working (and sane!) during some the storm of travelling and moving countries.
Thanks for bringing me to the wonderful Copenhagen. 
Since June I'm living in one of my fav cities in the world - making friends, learning danish, riding a pink bike around, working from my dreamy apartment at the queen's neighbourhood and falling in love with my life again every day. 
I believe 2018 is going to be wonderful and happy! 
Goals? None. I decided to not make any specific goal this year. Ok, just ONE: Try to enjoy the ride and be less anxious (aka control my workaholic spirit). Hope post my silliness in this blog helps ;) 

• Behind the screen:
 I thought it would be fun sharing a bit of my process for the illustration above.
All start with a idea doodling on my sketchbook then scan then tracing + colour testing = final one in Adobe Illustrator.

My progress: pencil sketch + scan +tracing + colour choices and tests = happy result :)

My progress: pencil sketch + scan +tracing + colour choices and tests = happy result :)

Thanks for stopping by and let's make 2018 the happiest year ever yet! :) 

xx malu