Yay, Another sketchbook complete!

I'm proud to share my red moleskine! 
I bought it close to xmas time in 2016.
I had others before but I didn't have a plan to this fancy one and started doing big ideas and sometimes random thoughts... 
After some days we became best friends! ;) 
2017 was a very busy year and I barely had time  (and mood) to draw on it, that's why looks just a few drawings for such long period of time. One day I watched a Sketchbook class by Leah Goren in Skillshare and it was such huge inspiration!
After that, you can notice that I started to fill more the pages with the same subject. Now it's my fav way  to think about my ideas and use my sketchbook!! <3

Now it's time to buy a new one! 
(I told myself to not buy any sketchbooks until I finished this one. Tough love!) 

And yes, I do like drawing with pencil. just. It's not the most beautiful and amazing tool (specially to get nice pics on Instagram) but I love the feeling. And erase. I erase A LOT. 

x x

The chairs on my Wishlist...&nbsp;

The chairs on my Wishlist... 

Fun fact: When sketching for clients, I use lots of A4 sheets of paper. I like the freedom of the size and being able to sometimes draw with the "real measures" of the print.