INKTOBER 2018 - I made it! :)


This year I decided to join the famous #Inktober challenge. I always say that and do 1-5 drawings and give up. But not this year - ha!
My main motivation was to come back to Social Media. I have this thing with Social Media: the longer I stay away, less confident I feel to come back. Feels like If I don’t post some randomness daily-ish I feel “pressured” to post AMAZING stuff. Which become a bit depressing.
So, join this challenge would be nice way to go back to the habit of posting/interacting.
And I was right:

This Inktober was a great lesson of “let it go” and accept the imperfections that comes with daily practice - aka have fun drawing.

Here is an overview about it:


My small planning : I did not follow the official prompts. (usually makes me anxious and I drop it halfway). I decided to keep it simple: A bunny a day dressed up in halloween costumes (drawing spooky ones was a challenge). Small size-ish, 2 per sketchbook page (no room for regrets once inked!) with dark background (imperfection was unavoidable) and limited colour palette. All to avoid overthinking and excuses. AND I did it! :)

What did not work that well:
- Social: My goal was to interact more with people on Instagram/Twitter, but when every bit of time there gave me BIG self doubts and anxiety - Specially looking at all peoples grid x mine. And even nice things like few LIKES, RETWEETS was overwhelming. So I just posted and run basically for almost 20 days to keep my sanity. Only on the last week I felt a bit more comfortable again and started to reply people and give back some love that I got before… :/
- SAME background : Around 12th day I’ve got completely bored by the colors and bunnies looking all the same-ish. I had to ignore this feeling to move forward without overthink a new WHOLE thing (aka give up) A friend told me that was actually the “theme effect” so I should just continue. Thanks Cami! :)

SUPER Positive effects:
- I feel OK about posting again on my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. No more that feeling of ONL Y precious things. It’s OK to share the journey not the highlights only. As I read a tweet these days: “I need to remind myself that social media is not my portfolio. It’s just a small part of it.” It is starting to feel like true.
- The feeling of drawing everyday, researching things outside my comfort zone, and making just a SIMPLE BUNNY a day was really nice. I also really love that they all live on my sketchbook now. I’m becoming less precious about my sketchbook too.
- All the love and support! I totally forgot how nice and supportive people can be! This magical effect of you posting something you think might look crappy painted but then one person comes and mention how creative it looks - and just made your day! Priceless.
- I found joy in outline with black pen again. With all rush-rush commissioned work, I barely have time to keep nice pencil sketches. It was fun to play with TOMBOW pens playing like a 6 years old kid accepting mistakes are FINE.

And here is a quick view of all of them without any filters - so you can see all the imperfections:
(and you can also see them on my instagram)


Fun random facts - behind the scene:
- my grey pen died at the end of the last drawing!
- And my red one fell on the second day and the tip was a bit too “brush-y” that made red details almost impossible!
- I used a “wrong” pen to fill the Bunny Lincon- vampire Hunter and it bleed to the other side, to the LAST one. It’s where the clouds are.
- I made pencil sketches. Sometimes I made 6 sketches in advance to be able to catch up. But around 15th I had no time to make any in advance.
- I separated the pages I would use so I could continue using my sketchbook for other sketches. Was a bit scary because I HAD to finish the challenge to make sense all that room
- I didn’t draw some weekends. I was able to sketch but not colour. So Monday and Tuesday was catch-up day.
-I used TOMBOW pens for colouring, Tombow black (japanese one?!?!) and 0.3 Muji black pen to details. Oh, and Uni-ball Signo broad white pen.
-I was not planning make some of the spooky ones. But at one point I didn’t know what to draw so I used some movie reference and people around to give me some ideas: LIke Nosferatu and Chtulhu.
- Pennywise Clown was the scariest one for me. I still have some nightmares since it was my first horror movie and I guess I was too young to watch it.
- My favorite is the ghost one and tin can was the coolest one to draw - right together the skeleton.
- The original idea was to draw an open door with the bunny in the middle. But I completely forgot and did the leaves around (because I like to draw that). Of course I remembered around 5th one and was kinda too late. Now I like the leaves. I guess gave a bit of spooky side and to be honest, was my fav part to draw - haha!