Summer Stickers for Usborne


I illustrated a sticker book!! 

I'd like to share one of my favourites projects from last year Little First Stickers Summer - published by Usborne, designed by Meg Dobbie, with words of Hannah Watson. and ILLUSTRATED BY ME :) 

I'm not a big fan of Summer and never been illustrated until this project a scene full of characters. It was so nice to draw every detail and imagine that would be a sticker that someone would play whatever they want to! 

You can order it at amazon ;) 

Here you see the spreads full illustrated as suggestion how you can decorate your scenes but of course you can make thousands combinations - specially because it's reusable!! <3

and this is how the scenes and stickers are arranged inside the book :) 

and here, right in the bottom... my sketches and studies that nobody sees just for you ;) 

I've just got my copy and can't wait to play with all the stickers!!