#FolktaleWeek & Procreate

In November happened a super cool Instagram challenge called #FolktaleWeek. There was a prompt everyday and you could participate with any creative take on that, preferably based in folk tales.

I decided to be brave and be inspired by Brazilian Folk tale and push myself to try Procreate on my Ipad - that I’ve been procrastinating a lot to use it.
I made time for just 4 out of 7 but it was fun to make a cute approach to the scary folk tale creatures of my childhood. And as bonus I got less scared of drawing on my Ipad and actually even had fun!

The 4 prompts I followed were: Forest, Magic, Witch and Ghost.

Top Left Mapinguari is one of our many forest protectors. It’s a fury creature with one eye and his mouth is at its stomach. It’s a screamer and hate hunters. It’s also afraid of sloths (!!!)
Top Right Saci Pererê - a troublemaker guy. With one leg, a pipe and a magic hood, he makes things “disappear” from your home just for fun. He can turn into a typhoon which makes hard to catch him.
Bottom Left Cuca, she’s a crocodile-witch who kidnaps and eats naughty children (!!!) I’ve always been sooo afraid of her 😳
Bottom right Chibamba #ghost creature from Brazilian folktale - covered in banana leaves/mat, makes pig snorts and bounces and stumps when walking - like a crazy dance

You can see them all on my instagram - including videos with the progress generated automatically by Procreate (my favorite thing about this app)